The Blue Ballerinas

You hop…Carelessly.
Always happy to walk in this defiled world
You are not scared of the dirt and the scattered shit
O! Blue Ballerinas, your curves resemble a smile
Coz they do smile when I look at them
The white stripes on your body are enchanting like a song
Sometimes, I feel they are like the waves of the ocean raging up and down
When those lovely little feet wear you
The Blue Ballerinas come alive
It’s like the wearer has infused her chirpiness and life in you
Has she, I am sure she has…
The cute Blue Ballerinas once met my shin bone
The contact was for a short period of time but a memorable one (ouch!)
The incident is unforgettable for the shin bone, as it fondly recalls the contact.
It was playful in its own sweet way
O! Blue Ballerinas, you will never grow old, you will never wear out
Coz thou shall hop carelessly forever.


7 responses to “The Blue Ballerinas

  1. They will surely hop carelessly forever.. I've fallen in love with words of a rare few occasions, and this is one of those. Keep writing, your words feel like sunshine.

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