It stands in front

O! runt

It calls me

Can I destroy your towering height?

Is it my curse? asks me

A new day, a new war

With a new weapon, it kills me today

I wonder if I am alive or just breathing

The song of my life plays in the background

Sounds like cacophony,

I desired a melody

Cacophony is my song, my melody

With open arms I have embraced as it settles in my being

You came and showered me with love and care

Loneliness is round the corner with a crease

Ready to murder the love

I will fight only to lose

As I see you sally out

Who is going to buy me a rose?

A rose that would rest on my beloved grave of hope

I crave

To be loved again

Will you? asks me

My core shouts

As it is left unloved.


2 responses to “Unloved

  1. It's tragic, dark, but still beautiful. And as for love, no one is left unloved until they close themselves to it. There's always another version of unloved, read mine.

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