The Eskimo Girl

As I pen this down, my fingers tremble, they shiver
I throw the pebbles in the frozen river

Then I see you, you, the eskimo girl
Braving cold and the chilly breeze each day

O! Eskimo Girl, you wear the armor to murder the harsh winds
The armor is pretty; you meticulously don it, but never with the blue ballerinas
I wonder, if those are for summers

We meet each day and talk about the mist
The mist that kisses the earth, sometimes

I ask you for how long the winter would be
You tell me, it is here to stay for a long time

My head hung down in despair
You sense it and ask, what is there that is troubling you, poor boy!

Winter, that is troubling me, it is piercing my very bones
Words from the Eskimo Girl, light the fire of hope and courage in my heart

O! Eskimo Girl, for how long will you be here?
Will you go away when spring knocks the door?

Will I get to see and hear you, more?
I wonder.


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