The Waiting

We both can’t see each other
And the longing exists.

Miles away from each other
But the bond exists.

Two friends, two companions
Yearn for those hope-filled words
Yearn for the walks with random talks.

The one sitting here is gazing at empty space
Hoping for just a glance of her
Hoping, she would come and utter a few words

I will be content with just a few
But just a few is a costly affair

As I continue to sit and stare
Empty spaces with maharaja on the backdrop
Meticulously cooking paneer pakoras.

Today is not one of those joyful days
I miss us and the waiting prevails.


5 responses to “The Waiting

  1. my favorite is vegetable pakora…..ok, not the point…..this unrequited love theme is somewhat depressing, but, ultimately, emotion-provoking is sign of great poetry…

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