We gather and share

What’s in our core

Love. Hate. Disgust. Joy. More.

Armed with words we give life to varied emotions

They all come alive and dance like little kids around us

We gaze and smile to the sight

This is us

As we celebrate each day, each moment with words

She rightly says, “We are the children of raw words.”

Fearless and undaunted, we carve our path in this tarnished world

This is Us and we create with words and syllables

Haiku or Tanka or free style

Our pens will run for miles and miles.


8 responses to “Us

  1. this should have been on our other blog…. i love this one..immensely….we celebrate each day each moments with words. coz we are the writers,poets and more. :)hats off poet…

  2. Absolutely Brian.. I and my lovely folks (who are amazing writers and poets) are starting a new project called Wordyard.. I would invite you soon… Thanks for visiting…

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