I walk on you

Broken with cracks

Cars, buses and scooters run on you

You endure

And make sure

That we reach where we want to

We snarl and create a fuss

The endless deafening honks, perhaps you are almost deaf now

O I forgot the curse

Still you endure

And make sure

Intelligent morons come and let you taste

What’s in their mouth

But you endure

I wonder what is the cure

Stitch their mouths and let you be pure

O road

You run long and with mind boggling turns

The scorching sun makes you strong

Wish I could feel that pain as you burn

And you endure

I bow to you

For you let me walk and run and jump.

Note: for http://carryontuesdayprompt.blogspot.in/

prompt: the long and winding road.


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