Mango Delight

She wonders if I was a mango in my past lifetime

Eternal love for mangoes

Wherever we go I go for mango

The recent visit to a café

I browsed the menu and she knew

I would go for a little mango

The ice-cream man knows that I adore mango like a lover

With puppy eyes I look at the delightful mango treat

Scrumptious, the yellow color magical thing sticks to the stick

Yummy as it melts in my mouth

Play with my tongue and bid goodbye to the gums

Stomach welcomes it as it knows mango is finally home.



9 responses to “Mango Delight

  1. Oh you should totally come to India Grace… we have lovely mangoes and that too of different varieties… 100% mango joy… Please come to India… I have tried mango here and it is yummy indeed…

  2. mango is fine by me…i will take fruit and fruit flavor over chocolate any day…it is refreshing…mmm i might have to make a visit to india just to check it out…smiles…

  3. I spent time in Hawaii where they have wonderful mangoes as well. But lately here in the midwest of the US we have been getting good magoes. I don't know where they come from, but they are sooooo good and sooo sweet. I share your love for mangoes, and as I read your poem this morning I wished I had one here available to eat. A week ago I had some mango yogurt. Now THAT was good too!

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