To Kill A Grammatical Word

Murder the prepositions
Every noun in town
A pronoun strolling on the streets wearing a negligee,
At times in a gown
The moment I neglect her, she frowns

I often kill a grammatical word
Resulting in raised eyebrows and grins
As if I have committed the gravest of sins
Silly I take out my notebook and pen down
My thoughts, they are fearless
But they fear to come out
and meet the beloved paper
Because I might kill some rules here and some there

Mammoth you rest on my table
My Chicago Manual of Style
I look at you
Thoughts wander, am I boiling in bile?
The tiny font in you will teach me
To save the day
How to take the words and play
Once I master the art
I will start from the start
Prepositions, nouns, pronouns and others
Will become my lovers
And no one will be murdered.

13 responses to “To Kill A Grammatical Word

  1. I enjoyed this very much. I especially liked the part about your thoughts being fearless, and yet fearing to come out "and meet the beloved paper". And the pronoun in a negligee – fun!Richard

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