Haiku June 02, 2012

You came to unlock
metamorphosis began
the new I stand here.

For a very dear person in my life, thank you so much.

You enter inside
I turn you repeatedly
wrong keys and failure.

Happens all the time.

prompt: Lock

36 responses to “Haiku June 02, 2012

  1. Someone else can really help to change you….It happened to me…..and in the 2nd haiku, it felt as if you were helping change someone else……nice work

  2. Thank you Joanne.. the second one is me trying to open my front door ha ha ha… but yes if the reader is interpreting in numerous ways, I as a poet have done my job….

  3. Love the thought in your haiku. I think it's alright to have failures – that's how we learn. It shows that you have lived.

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