Unrequited Love

The world halts and vanishes for him

As you arrive

Slow motion

In fact no commotion

The lady in blue

Behind you

Vanishes in an instant

Confirming the aforementioned statement

He adores you

You sit there with no clue

They say unrequited love is the purest

But fail to complete that it won’t ever manifest

Your heart is killed and brought back to life

A million times, each and every day

He is hoping against hope

His heart hanging from the rope

What he doesn’t want to hear is ‘Nope’

I met him yesterday

Busy making her sculptor with clay

And tells me, “now she is here to stay”

My core aches to see him

Giving up on someone who might adore him

Love is a two way process

I tell him to get out of this mess

He is busy crafting her sculptor

Unaware that his core has a little rupture

As blood of his emotions continue to roll down

She is there


I wonder how to end this

On a happy note

With two lovers entwining fingers

Or on a deplorable one

with a bleeding heart and dead hope.


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