Wisdom Haiku June 18, 2012

The sun hides behind
I grab my black umbrella
mighty droplets fall.
Muddy thoughts and chaos
I sit down with my palms joined
altar of wisdom.

21 responses to “Wisdom Haiku June 18, 2012

  1. I enjoyed reading your short poem and Noel's critical point. I prefer to call it a short poem and not a haiku.The first stanza sets the background or the conflict. Rain stands for obstacles. The black umbrella stands for the perspective which is the way the poet looks at the conflict.The second stanza reaches the climax by the wonderful expression:"alter of wisdom". Prayers can restore the poet's wise way of judging problems.Do you see why this is a short poem and not a haiku?You got a new fan:))~Rita

  2. I like the nature touches of the first one, a real haiku in my opinion. The second one is also good, but the altar of wisdom is too broad a concept. As I mentioned, a good haiku should be clear and simple in meaning. A nature image, as a contrast does the work effectively like the rain in the first one ~ Have a good weekend ~

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