Burial of his Dead Heart

All attempts have failed to revive
It is not ready to strive
Pounding hearts witness brutality live
Someone they know is left bleeding
Hungry dogs got a nice feeding
The owner of the heart
Knew from the start
But he got stuck in the whirlpool
And look what is left
Shreds of love and care
Strewn here and there
A clear sign of a savage massacre
Now it is time for the holy burial
The priest has come for the ceremony
He raised his hand to declare his supremacy
“We have gathered for the burial of his dead heart”
The crowd nodded
Bereft of hope they have accepted the unaccepted
“Now I shall read some false beliefs from the book of love quotes” he grins
“I want a pair of slaughtered dove to mark the end of what they called love” he ordered
The grand ceremony concluded
Now hatred shall prevail
Let it consume your hearts
Let it blacken it
Let it feel the hatred
Love doesn’t live here anymore
As it rests six feet under.


18 responses to “Burial of his Dead Heart

  1. Wow, this is brutal. The satire is cutting about the religion of superficial ritual. I am almost left wondering whether this is meant symbolically or a veiled reference to a harsher reality.

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