Dolphins Fly and Sharks Attack

I will give you wings
and you can emerge from the waters

But to my utter surprise
you do slit the thin sheet of film that envelopes the ocean
and fly

You gather the strength within
and leap
the flight is short lived as gravity takes over

But ah! Your flight excites me
asks me, challenges me
I wonder if I can fly like you

The pool in my backyard is my ocean today
and I am its sole dolphin
Black-clad I, all set to fly
Wife wonders who am I
Is it the role play thing that we always try?

My ocean-like pool and I become one
I jump and leap and jump and leap until I am done
minutes later
the water starts to change its color

I cry out loud with pain

Black-clad she attacks

Ah! Silly I forgot

She is the shark of her pool.


6 responses to “Dolphins Fly and Sharks Attack

  1. I like the beginning stanza…very uplifting it is to fly…but the ending has a bite…didn't know there is a shark in the pool ~Nice to see you at D'verse ~

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