Fire and She

Lovable she stares
At the flame, he is long gone
She will meet him soon.

Sati was a funeral practice in India in which a widow must immolate herself by sitting on her husband’s funeral pyre. Nothing can be as disturbing as this.
I dedicate this haiku to them. I am not putting up a picture as it can be disturbing to many.


14 responses to “Fire and She

  1. And she is sure of this.. that she will see her love soon.. she has made her decision. Sometimes, even death can not keep lovers apart.. Very beautiful Tarun…

  2. Wow! How was it possible…? Poor widows! “Sati”, disturbing indeed.
    What about widowers? Well, I imagine they could survive their wives marrying again, am I right?
    Thanks for sharing this tragic haiku and for your kind respect.
    Have a nice weekend.

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