Pain Haiku

Majestic it stands
crimson monument of love
thousand severed thumbs.

To Taj Mahal.

Haiku Heights


12 responses to “Pain Haiku

  1. ‘crimson monument of love’.. i din’t actually understand the ‘thousand severed thumbs’, but I guess it might be referring to the effort of the labor, but I’d like to know what that line means, fascinating! wonderful haiku .. the actual color is but a mask that can either keep true or one that can mislead..

  2. Hi ! That was an original idea! However, I have one small suggestion. Since the haiku is an ode to the Taj, and it is white, it creates confusion for readers who don’t know the history behind that marvelous structure. Perhaps, the second line could have read, monument of love, crimson….. That would be in perfect tandom with the next line. Just a change of position of the word crimson, not in meaning. Please don’t get offended…because I really liked your haiku. Well done !

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