Ganges of Rishikesh

Ganges flowing fearlessly
Making its way
People sitting by its shore
Quietly admiring
The gushing sound
never ending        

some brave souls
Like me
Braving the waves
The currents
chanting the Ganges song
Move ahead with the flow

O! Ganges
Mighty Ganges
You are pious
You are challenging
You are mysterious
You call me
Call me again
And I will return to you
O! Ganges.

2012-10-02 18.05.50

2012-10-02 18.08.09

2012-10-02 16.54.47

All photographs taken by Tarun Mazumdar


4 responses to “Ganges of Rishikesh

  1. nice…this is mystical and magical…the calling by the river…like the calling of the ocean to me…and in spring the river to sit its banks of wade into its deep and find its flow…

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