The Boy must find a Bride

God’s man with a beard
Sits on his asana
Clueless bride and groom
Follow his directions
No choice whatsoever
I wonder if they have any,

Armed with mind boggling mantras
He instructs them to follow him
As words come out like from a skilled rapper’s mouth
Bewildered they look around
All eyes on them
Scanning their lip movement

Aunt Chatterjee looks at me
“you are next”
“Is your pocket fat enough?”
“Er…” sheepishly I smile and sneak off like a tiny rat

The ice cream counter is where I can find solace
As I rush to the counter
To my utter surprise
Awaits another deadly encounter
Uncle Gangopadhay
“Hey young man! come here”
And the next moment
I am in his venomous grip
My past, present and future, all meticulously stripped
“When are you getting a lovely Bengali bride?”
“wait! Are you having an affair?”
“Er…” the tiny rat is stuck,

At every corner I have an aunt Banerjee,
Uncle Mukhopadhay, uncle Mazumdar
There is no escape
And I can’t go far

Bride and Groom

People watching the wedding ceremony

Bengali Wedding ceremony

All the photographs are taken by me and the groom happens to be my brother.


7 responses to “The Boy must find a Bride

  1. Oh my!! Can he find his own bride ? Or does he even want a bride? It seems your narrator feels trapped, like a rat, but at the same time is poking fun at the customs of his family.. village etc. I hope he gets his heart’s desire!!

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