We Lost A Daughter

Downfall of mankind
compassion gasps its last breaths
man, new breed of beast.

Many call her Nirbhaya (the fearless one), many Amanat (something kept in trust); I have not coined a name for her because she is us, she is you and she is me.

Yesterday at 2:15 pm she left us. She fought the battle like a warrior. Every ounce of her cell shouted time and again, ‘I want to live’. We prayed each day but she had to go. She breathed her last at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.

Prayers for her. May she rest in peace. The battle is on now as we vow to take the beasts down, as we vow to butcher them to their death, as we vow to cut every diabolic organ.

For Haiku Heights.


18 responses to “We Lost A Daughter

  1. This is such a sad ending but I hope it will spark and invigorate the country and everyone to take a firm stand against violence and disregard for women ~

    My heart is with you ~

    Wishing you Happy New Year ~

  2. There are many beasts roaming to and fro these days. I too am hoping for the people to rise up and change the unfathomable and unthinkable plight of women in that country.

  3. That’s not mankind, those are beasts and human rights must not be applied to them for they are not humans.
    I don’t pray for her: I am sure she has finally found peace at a very high price.
    I pray for her family, her friends and all those who love – not “loved” – her. I pray for more girls in danger.
    Touching haiku, Tarun; yes, Nirbhaya / Amanat is all of us.
    Happy New Year!

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