Death (Metal) Haiku

Ghastly, morbid tunes
Fierce guitar riffs, blast beats
Celebrating Death.
To Cannibal Corpse. To Death Metal.


Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse, the finest death metal act on Earth, is infamous for their album art covers (see Butchered at Birth, Vile, and more) and renowned for extreme metal songs like Frantic Disembowelment, Demented Aggression, Hammer Smashed Face, Make Them Suffer and many more. The band members (Alex Webster (bass), Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums) , Rob Barrett (guitar), George Corpsegrinder Fisher (vocals) and Pat O’Brien (guitar) are all phenomenal musicians and lovely human beings (unlike the theme of Cannibal Corpse).

For me Death Metal is a great source to vent out all the negative energy and fill my insides with positivity. It empowers me and reminds that I have the potential to achieve anything and everything. My encounter with Death Metal or Metal (as a whole) is the best thing that has happened in my life.
Tarun Mazumdar

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22 responses to “Death (Metal) Haiku

  1. it’s wonderful to hear how positively ‘death metal’ affects you and your life…..never heard this music presented in this way..,,

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