How Not To Propose A Girl

His fingers tremble
As he unfolds the paper
A verdant lover.

I still cannot forget the day when I asked out a girl on the telephone. My buddies and I brainstormed on how I should propose. After a heated debate on whether through e-mail or telephone, I chose the mighty telephone. We wrote a fantastic script (unfortunately I don’t have a copy) that had all the elements to flatter a girl and make sure that she is in.

I rehearsed and rehearsed (probably 5 or 6 times) and was confident about my speech, my buddies advised me to use tone modulation as it can give an extra edge to the whole episode. Back then mobile phones were alien to us and we had to visit this shady STD phone booth. Armed to teeth, I went inside and clumsily took out the paper from my back pocket. My fingers trembled as I dialed the number. Her voice poured out and somehow I felt choked. So this was the first and the last time I asked out someone.

For Carpe Diem Haiku


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