Jealousy for Carpe Diem Haiku

Accidental touch
intentions none whatsoever
her raised eyebrow.

I witnessed this scene yesterday on my way back home. It was Valentine’s Day and love juices were overflowing; couples cuddling and doing all the mushy-mushy stuff.
The metro was crowded and stuffy but still love was in the air and we all could sense it, feel it. This couple came into our compartment and I could feel the vibes of fresh love as they have that Iloveyoutilleternityandyouaremysoulmate expression pasted on their faces.
There was this another girl standing next to the guy (couple) and he accidentally touched her. The touch was unintentional but his girl failed to understand. The expression peeled off like an orange face pack and what followed was a series of howdareyou and Ithinkweshouldpartways.


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