The Yellow Universe (Wake & Bake Haiku Project)


The Yellow Universe

The Yellow Universe

As a haiku artist and traveler, I visited Wake & Bake Café, Shimla on December 31, 2012. This fascinating café is not only renowned for food and drinks but also for its relentless efforts to promote artists, musicians, writers and poets.

I was intrigued by the yellow theme used beautifully by artist Mesha Singh Manhas. The tone used by her is not sharp but on the warmer side. What really caught my attention was the mysterious yellow wall. I call it ‘The Yellow Universe’.

The haiku in the photograph is my tribute to Wake & Bake Café, Himanshu Sud, Mesha Singh Manhas and the staff. This project will feature photographs taken by me, Alok Mazumdar and Shikha Gautam.

Art by Mesha Singh Manhas
Photo by Alok Mazumdar
Haiku by Tarun Mazumdar.


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