My First Haiku in Japanese

はる の ゆうがた に そよかぜ

さくら の えだ が ゆれる

そして かのじょ は ひとり

Romaji version-

haru no yuugata ni soyokaze
sakura no eda ga yureru
soshite kanojo wa hitori

English version-

Evening spring breeze
the Sakura branches sway
and she is alone

I am delighted to share my first haiku in Japanese. I have been learning Japanese for three and a half months now. This is my first creation in a foreign language.

The haiku is not following the 5-7-5 syllable pattern in Japanese as it is tough to contain the thought in just 17 or less in this language. But with practice, I will compose an authentic 5-7-5 haiku in Japanese.

I want to thank Ona sensei, for she was so kind and, patiently, edited my work. Arigato gozaimasu sensei. I have asked her to be the Japanese editor of my Haiku tale book which I am working on.

Also, I dedicate this piece to family, friends and fellow haijins, namely Kristjaan, Wabi Sabi, Bjorn, Magical Mystical Teacher, Amy (Cookie) Oliver, Yerpirate, Green Speck, Gemma Wiseman, Leo, Pranita, Black & White Heart, JRB, KZ, Mark, Siggiofmaine and more. Thank you so much for reading my work.

Unshaken Thoughts exists because of you guys.

Remain Unshaken. Never Waver.


15 responses to “My First Haiku in Japanese

  1. You are a joy to me Tarun. Thank you for your sweet words that offer me a breath everytime I read your posts. My dear friend I am moved by your subject and accomplishment. Absolutely lovely

      • No worries, storms come and go here. Sometimes their real nasty and reek havoc but that just adds a little character. Hahaha! Drove straight through a tornado once, complete oblivious mind you, and watched the glass break on the windows as the computers where ripped out of the the buildings and flew across my truck windshield.
        My mind is often in another place. Soon enough my body will find its way there too I hope.

      • I haven’t witnessed a tornado, we in India don’t get to see tornadoes but we have cyclones, tsunamis, earth quake and other terrible stuffs to tackle.

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  3. Awesome Tarun … congrats with your first Japanese haiku. I am honored that you have written it for all contributors of Carpe Diem. I am honored that you’ve written it for me as a gift. This haiku is, by the way, a wonderful composition. Thank you for sharing.

  4. lovely one !! I hope you ll do presentation about your Haiku work at the school soon !!! 🙂
    After sometime, start try sending Haiku competiton in Japan though net. for that,,, keep learning japanese everyday ! all the best !!

    • Thank you sensei! I would love to do a presentation on my Haiku work in school, it will be fun. Once I will be Ok in my Japanese, I will participate in Haiku competitions held across the globe and Japan.

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