Ferocious Loo

Ferocious loo*
old man under the neem tree
offers me water

The loo* is a hot, fierce and dry afternoon wind which blows over the northern plains of India. It is known to be absolutely brutal and ruthless. Every year hundreds of men, women, children, birds and animals are killed because of it. If you happen to be in India for vacations during summers, I think you should be absolutely ready for the Loo. Read my post and haiku on Agra, Taj Mahal and Loo, it also talks about a recipe that you can have to prevent the effects of loo.


11 responses to “Ferocious Loo

  1. Ohh tarun what have you just mentioned! recreating our daily problems in this summer. I am looking for my neem tree and old man all the time 😛 a very different take!


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