Mijikayo (Short Night) Haiku at 10 pm

Gentle night breeze
moves the clothes line
her undies fall.


21 responses to “Mijikayo (Short Night) Haiku at 10 pm

  1. Hahaha! That’s cute…. Reminds me of my mother putting the wash on the clothes lines back in the 60’s…. She always demanded that we wear clean underwear “What if you get into an accident and those ambulance guys have to cut your clothes off? They’ll’ see your underwear!” God that was so funny but it had me scared to death. I didn’t want anyone to see me in my underwear. But I slept late one Saturday morning and my older sister Sue had a friend Nancy spending the night. For the next month every time I saw her Nancy would cackle and laugh and say “I saw Johnny sleeping in his underwear!” God i was so embarrassed. But later that summer Nancy joined us in the family station wagon for an hour drive to grandma’s house. With a family of 7 kids, more than a couple always ended up laying down in the back of the wagon, and this trip i was next to Nancy. I was about 10 and Nancy was maybe 15 or 16, and as she drifted off to sleep next to me I realized that she was developing pretty nicely. “Now’s the payback!”, I thought! So gingerly I put my hand under her blouse and moved it up to her breast, which was covered in a starchy like bra. I wanted to wake her up while my hand was on her breast to show her how it felt to have someone mess with your underwear….. But suddenly (thankfully) and probably instinctively I realized that may not be a good idea… Didn’t need dad whipping my ass if Nancy screamed or something. So I just removed my hand and let her sleep. About a week later she made fun of my underpants again just to see me turn red. But this time I didn’t turn red! With my my most “Ah Ha!” face I told her what I had done in the back of the station wagon! Oh, she was going to be sorry! But she only laughed again, bent down and kissed me on the cheek, and said “I wasn’t asleep Johnny……” Oh, it’s amazing what a 3 line haiku can bring about, isn’t it? Good inspiration! and funny too………

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