Suzushi (Cool) Haiku for the Kulfi Wala

The kulfi wala
sells the sweet cold treats
and wipes his forehead

Kulfi is a chilled milk based Indian dessert. As Delhi burns in the afternoons of May and June, the kulfi vendors roam around in their three wheeler rickshaw. This, one, kulfi wala comes sharp at 3 in the afternoon around my block and chants, ‘Kulfiiiii, Kulfiiii’. We have just finished our lunches and jump at his calls. The yummy kulfi melts in the mouth.
Damn! I want one now. It is 12.30 am. No kulfi. Aaarrgghh.
This is my tribute to those brave kulfi walas.

13 responses to “Suzushi (Cool) Haiku for the Kulfi Wala

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