Arora Ji’s New Car – Haiku for Samidare (Midsummer Rain)

Clouds of June gather
morning wind sways the tree
jamun leaves fall

jamun leaves fall
on Arora ji’s new car
she swears in Punjabi

A beautiful jamun tree stands tall in front of my balcony. Jamun is an evergreen tropical tree native to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and some other South Asian countries.

I live in a colony called Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, India which is one of the poshest colonies in Delhi-NCR. We have people from different countries living here, from Iraqis to Americans to Afghanis and of course Indians. Amongst Indians, we have Punjabis (Punjab is a state in India) and Arora, as mentioned in my haiku set, is a surname. Ji is a polite suffix used in Hindi.
Punjabi is a language spoken widely in North India especially in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana and parts of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.



7 responses to “Arora Ji’s New Car – Haiku for Samidare (Midsummer Rain)

  1. calligraphy
    by google translate:

    जून के बादल इकट्ठा
    सुबह हवा पेड़ sways
    जामुन के पत्तों गिरावट

    जामुन के पत्तों गिरावट
    अरोड़ा जी की नई कार पर
    वह पंजाबी में शपथ खाता

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