Friendship and Irish Castle – Haiku

The August moon glows
bejeweling the castle
ghosts jive daintily

Afterthought by J

On this day, when we celebrate a pious relationship of friendship, I dedicate this Haiku to my lovely friend, ‘That Man’ (he likes to call himself that).
We are also playing a haiku game and we compose haiku and senryu together. And, I must say its a delightful activity to blend thoughts of two different poets and create something as wonderful as these Haiku and sometimes frolicsome too.

This Haiku is very special to me as I have always been fascinated by Ireland and its castles. This Haiku is based on my imagination about those castles ( I have never visited any of those, but I long to). I sometimes imagine them to be a storehouse of many historical stories in the midst of verdure Ireland. They are symbolic of sheer beauty and mysteriousness. I hope you all enjoy it.

A very Happy Friendship Day to all 🙂

Keep creating

Much Love,



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