Diary of a Haiku Traveler – Second Entry

Sixth Month, Twenty-fifth day

Clear sky and hot day. Temperature: 43 degree Celsius

Location: Bhatinda, Punjab, India

Temple under the Peepal Tree

Giant Peepal tree
a temple with devotees
prayer on their lips

As I go out for a walk, I see this gigantic peepal tree with a temple under it. People from the nearby colonies gather here and sing bhajans. I stand there and look at them; certain calm prevails around the place as the evening air is filled with rhythmic dholak patterns and chants. I stand there but my mind is elsewhere, it is thinking about Uttarakhand.

The cloud bursts in Uttarakhand have taken away thousands of lives. Thousands still stranded around the holy land of Badrinath and Kedarnath. I wonder what is so holy about it. We have fucked with nature time and again and we witness the Rudra (angry) form of Ganges. Why like dumb asses we gather at places like Kedarnath and Badrinath? I can understand the religious sentiments but why in thousands we gather and fuck with nature.

The places in the mountains are not meant for so many people, we knew this fact and this is what we did. We cut trees. We make roads. We make hotels luxurious ones and not so luxurious ones. We make space. We play with the course of the rivers coming from Yamunotri and Gangotri, I am sure we have done this. Now look what happened… The temple, oh wait it still stands, a chamatkar (miracle), I don’t know and I don’t fucking care. I salute the efforts of our armed forces who are working tirelessly, amidst horrendous weather conditions to bring the survivors back home.

God lives in our hearts, he or she lives in the temple next door (oh we have temples everywhere), then what is so bloody special there that compels us to take our little kids on those difficult treks.

I have stopped watching television shows for they show the agony and pain (no wait, they also say that they are the first ones to show the tears in that widow’s eyes). Brilliant.

Giant Peepal tree
I look at the shivling*
Kedarnath’s different?

*Shivling is the symbol of Lord Shiva.

Temple and devotees and prayers


R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

The May sun blackened
as it watched the demise of
the Angel of Death.

Jeff Hanneman, Guitar Player and Song Writer, Slayer

Jeff Hanneman, Guitar Player and Song Writer, Slayer. Image- Rolling Stone

Jeff Hanneman, thrash metal legend and co-founder of Slayer, died of liver failure at the age of 49. It was reported that he had been recuperating from a deadly spider bite which contracted him with necrotising fasciitis, a form of flesh-eating disease.

With Jeff on board Slayer went on to become one of the finest acts in the thrash metal genre along with Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica. After his sad demise, I wonder if any guitar player can fill the void. He has been known for his contribution as a writer of the two well known songs, Angel of Death and Raining Blood from Slayer’s Reign in Blood album.

The world of heavy metal will not be the same without you, Jeff. You shall be sorely missed.

Rest in peace.

We Lost A Daughter

Downfall of mankind
compassion gasps its last breaths
man, new breed of beast.

Many call her Nirbhaya (the fearless one), many Amanat (something kept in trust); I have not coined a name for her because she is us, she is you and she is me.

Yesterday at 2:15 pm she left us. She fought the battle like a warrior. Every ounce of her cell shouted time and again, ‘I want to live’. We prayed each day but she had to go. She breathed her last at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.

Prayers for her. May she rest in peace. The battle is on now as we vow to take the beasts down, as we vow to butcher them to their death, as we vow to cut every diabolic organ.

For Haiku Heights.

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
How are you? Hope you and your reindeer are doing well.

I know those are the lamest lines I could write to begin my letter, but I couldn’t come up with better ones. You are aware of what has happened in the past few days in my city (New Delhi, you can check the Google Maps for the exact coordinates), it is in a bad shape, we all are in a bad shape. Young boys and girls, men and women, and children are on the streets for a cause. A young girl named Nirbhaya (the fearless one) is fighting a fierce battle for her life in Safdarjung Hospital’s ICU ward.

Boys and girls from different city colleges and universities with candles in their hands and prayers on their lips stand undaunted. The winter winds are harsh as the flame flickers, but the vow in their hearts remain unshaken, they never waver, and they will not this time.

Santa, I don’t know what to wish for. But I want my city to be peaceful and people here, happy. Can you help us?
Lastly, I want my wishes to come true. Can you help me mend the strained friendship? I miss my friend.

Can you help me become a better man? A man who can keep his ego in a box, lock it and forget the keys.

Merry Christmas Santa! I am singing carols here. Please come and have Rum cake with me.
By the way, I have some pictures attached for your reference (huh! So corporate).


New Delhi Fog

New Delhi fogSajdarjung hospital Media vans at Safdarjung Hospital

protest in DelhiMerry Christmas

Buy Me a Pepper Spray Can and Butcher Knife

I want a Nepali knife and pepper spray.
Find one for me.
I am not surprised by her request today
Pain is on her face
She hates this bloody place

I tell her to go for a butcher knife
It is better when engaged in strife
And she must brush up her slashing techniques

Because many cocks must be slayed and split wide open
Fuck human rights
For they are beasts
And there are many
Ready for another feast

You all must summon now
Join forces
Slay each one of them
Crush the balls
Slash the sack and
Rip the dick they proudly flaunt.


I am sorry but Delhi is slowly turning into one of the most pathetic places to breath. The recent act of gang rape of a 23-year-old para medical student followed by brutal torture in South Delhi has set an example of what they call the ‘Incredible India’ experience. Her male friend was also badly thrashed when he tried to retaliate.

She is currently battling for her life in a government hospital.

The Worst School Shooting in Connecticut, America

Rampage Senryu

Mindless youth with guns
class with empty bullet shells
precious lives lost.

Friday morning saw the worst school shooting in the history of America and Connecticut. 20 little kids (aged between 5 to10) lost their lives when a heavily armed man named Adam Lanza barged in a kindergarten class. It was also reported that 8 adults were also killed.
Adam Lanza, the maniac, died of self inflicted injuries.  I want to pee on your bloody grave.

Supporters of gun control legislation hold candles during a rally in front of the White House in Washington, after a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, Connecticut

Credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing

A child reacts to police and fireman staged nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School where a gunman opened fire on school children and staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif

The families of victims grieve near Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman opened fire on school children and staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Young children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown

Credit: REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin