Tracy’s Lullaby – Solo Bass by Tarun Mazumdar


This is one of my best collections. What do you think?

unshaken thoughts

Free Haiku

The wanting exists

you are happiest with her

my feelings must die.


Battlefield Haiku

Every day without you

is like fighting a battle

my heart yearns for you.


Agile Haiku

He comes with his tool

and his fingers run like spider

as he nails it.

To Alex Webster for being so awesome.


Waltz Haiku


she starts her session

and I gape.


Sleep Haiku

His lifeless body

rests calmly near the road

we watch and walk off.

To us who want tragedy from a safe distance and enjoy.


Paradox Haiku

Blossoming friendship

enter chaos, confusion

can someone save it?


Hummingbird Haiku

Tiny you start to fly

the nectar invites you

O! my hummingbird.


Birth Haiku

Half dead I drag myself

the much needed hot brew

I am born again.


September was a month I can’t forget, so much has happened…

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the former Nostrovia! Tavern

1)  Caffeine is a needed drug.  Long hours spent in front of the computer promoting, organizing, blogging, writing, website management, and the list goes on and on regarding the responsibilities a writer has, and the hours never end

2)  When our book comes out, we have edits we want to make.  A piece of writing is never done.

3)  We are never sure if the book we just finished is good or not, and even then, the opinion of whether your “child” is good or not is relative.  We are our own worst critics, and cut deep into our “writer Ego”

4)  People think you are strange.  Or at least people think some of us are.

5)  When you tell some one you just met is informed you are a writer, and they ask “Have you written anything I’ve heard of?”, it ends in awkward silence.

6)  Poets will always continue…

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