The Firefly Story

Dancing in the woods
the wayward fireflies light
and sparkles unleash

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lighting up the path
as my lantern’s wick burns out
fireflies guide me through

Haiku must stand as a sole piece and I couldn’t agree more. But with these collaborations with J, I have decided to leave a small note or an afterthought which may or may not be related to the haiku.


As I listen to Nagui by Ani-zoo, a superb street bass player from Japan, my heart skips a beat and I wonder when I will be able to play bass like him. Maybe I should practice my instrument hard.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the haiku set just as much we enjoyed creating it for you.

Much Love,
Tarun Mazumdar

Review: She Danced by Zander Zon

Bass is a phenomenal instrument and artists like Michael Manring, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten and the mighty Jaco Pastorious have proved time and again that solo bass players can churn out memorable songs. She Danced, a marvel from Sonorous (2010), is a treat from a YouTube musician and solo bassist, Zander Zon who hails from London.

I am, purposely, not reviewing Sonorous because each song has a different tale to tell, a different emotion to evoke, a different role to play. She Danced, a song that has touched my soul in every sense, is a blissful experience to one’s ears. Zander has wonderfully crafted the song and, needless to say his finger tapping, harmonic and plucking techniques can blow your mind.

The song opens with his unique harmonic style plucking followed by some really amazing rhythms. Zander Zon knows when to stop and when to pick the song up. The song really grips you from 2:06 and this is when you feel like dancing and forgetting everything.

He is inspired by Michael Manring and it is reflected in his playing style. Unlike Michael, who uses a Hyperbass designed exclusively for him by ZON Guitars, Zander uses a ZON VB4 bass. His crunchy and clean signature tone is the result of D’Addario piccolo strings (gauge 020 – 052) and if you are wondering how he is able to get that superb reverb, well thanks to TC-6000. He also uses a Boss GT-10 for all the effects.

She Danced is a great song and, certainly, is going to be in my playlist for a very long time and, clearly, this song is my wedding song.

Rating: 4/5