How Not To Propose A Girl Episode # 3

Gorgeous She
I with a CD
My trump card!

I don’t give up so easily, especially when we are talking about love affairs or the mere pursuit, in my case (relentless pursuits).
In the last episode as I donned the attire of a fancy haiku artist and displayed my remarkable skills as a haikuist, I only got ‘aaahh’ and ‘mmmm’ (do not confuse these to the sounds we hear behind closed doors). Read episode # 2 and you will know.
So this time I decided to unleash my powers. I decided to do a ‘cover song’. A song that will blow her mind, well that was my thought.


She: Hey Tarun, what’s up dude? What now?
Tarun: Hey She, I am great. How about you?
(She stares back and I could make out the she is not a person who admires welcome pleasantries)
She: Cut the chase man!
Tarun: I got this for you.
(I hand over the neatly wrapped CD case with no heart shaped confetti in it)
She: Ah! What is this?
Tarun: It is a CD.
She: I can see that.
Tarun: I covered a song for you.
She: Wow, let me listen.
She: eh! Bloody, you will play Your Body is a Wonderland! You shameless creature from planet ZunZuba.
Tarun: Eeeeeee. Sorry.
I had no choice but to run away from the scene. Damn!

~She’s thought bubble~
I would have given it a thought if he would have played Ishq Wala Love on guitar not on bass. Eww, bass players.

Well, you guys enjoy the cover.

John Mayer is a superb musician and I admire his songs. More to come from John Mayer, keep visiting.

Tarun Mazumdar


How Not To Propose a Girl Episode # 2

Stunner she
I with a stick of lily
but where is my tongue?

The mighty curse of you-will-chicken-out-in-front-of-a-stunner continued, only this time she was right in front of me unlike the previous episode (read the first episode, How Not to Propose a Girl).
I looked my best today. Perhaps, a 6 or 7 you can say, and she, a solid tenner. If you have read episode # 1 then you know how I fumbled with the script and all. So this time no script. The haiku poet in me decided to blow her mind with just 17 syllables. Yes, seventeen syllables are all what it takes to win the matters of heart.
This is what I said to her…

Umm… mmm… aaaa (cough, cough)
Aaaaa ummm umm
Hey, how are you? Aaa.

And that was it. I failed to ask her out, again!



The Boy must find a Bride

God’s man with a beard
Sits on his asana
Clueless bride and groom
Follow his directions
No choice whatsoever
I wonder if they have any,

Armed with mind boggling mantras
He instructs them to follow him
As words come out like from a skilled rapper’s mouth
Bewildered they look around
All eyes on them
Scanning their lip movement

Aunt Chatterjee looks at me
“you are next”
“Is your pocket fat enough?”
“Er…” sheepishly I smile and sneak off like a tiny rat

The ice cream counter is where I can find solace
As I rush to the counter
To my utter surprise
Awaits another deadly encounter
Uncle Gangopadhay
“Hey young man! come here”
And the next moment
I am in his venomous grip
My past, present and future, all meticulously stripped
“When are you getting a lovely Bengali bride?”
“wait! Are you having an affair?”
“Er…” the tiny rat is stuck,

At every corner I have an aunt Banerjee,
Uncle Mukhopadhay, uncle Mazumdar
There is no escape
And I can’t go far

Bride and Groom

People watching the wedding ceremony

Bengali Wedding ceremony

All the photographs are taken by me and the groom happens to be my brother.