A Romantic Haiku Traveller

That’s me today…

This afternoon I
stare at the sky- so does she
the girl next door

みなさん こんにちは! ジョン•メイヤーの Your Body is a Wonderland はいけい がします。そして、うつくしい そら。私はきょうはロマンチックです。雨をおたのしみ ください。

Konnichiwa mina san!
With John Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland in the background and the beautiful sky, I feel romantic today. Enjoy the rains!


My First Haiku in Japanese

はる の ゆうがた に そよかぜ

さくら の えだ が ゆれる

そして かのじょ は ひとり

Romaji version-

haru no yuugata ni soyokaze
sakura no eda ga yureru
soshite kanojo wa hitori

English version-

Evening spring breeze
the Sakura branches sway
and she is alone

I am delighted to share my first haiku in Japanese. I have been learning Japanese for three and a half months now. This is my first creation in a foreign language.

The haiku is not following the 5-7-5 syllable pattern in Japanese as it is tough to contain the thought in just 17 or less in this language. But with practice, I will compose an authentic 5-7-5 haiku in Japanese.

I want to thank Ona sensei, for she was so kind and, patiently, edited my work. Arigato gozaimasu sensei. I have asked her to be the Japanese editor of my Haiku tale book which I am working on.

Also, I dedicate this piece to family, friends and fellow haijins, namely Kristjaan, Wabi Sabi, Bjorn, Magical Mystical Teacher, Amy (Cookie) Oliver, Yerpirate, Green Speck, Gemma Wiseman, Leo, Pranita, Black & White Heart, JRB, KZ, Mark, Siggiofmaine and more. Thank you so much for reading my work.

Unshaken Thoughts exists because of you guys.

Remain Unshaken. Never Waver.

How Not To Propose A Girl Episode # 3

Gorgeous She
I with a CD
My trump card!

I don’t give up so easily, especially when we are talking about love affairs or the mere pursuit, in my case (relentless pursuits).
In the last episode as I donned the attire of a fancy haiku artist and displayed my remarkable skills as a haikuist, I only got ‘aaahh’ and ‘mmmm’ (do not confuse these to the sounds we hear behind closed doors). Read episode # 2 and you will know.
So this time I decided to unleash my powers. I decided to do a ‘cover song’. A song that will blow her mind, well that was my thought.


She: Hey Tarun, what’s up dude? What now?
Tarun: Hey She, I am great. How about you?
(She stares back and I could make out the she is not a person who admires welcome pleasantries)
She: Cut the chase man!
Tarun: I got this for you.
(I hand over the neatly wrapped CD case with no heart shaped confetti in it)
She: Ah! What is this?
Tarun: It is a CD.
She: I can see that.
Tarun: I covered a song for you.
She: Wow, let me listen.
She: eh! Bloody, you will play Your Body is a Wonderland! You shameless creature from planet ZunZuba.
Tarun: Eeeeeee. Sorry.
I had no choice but to run away from the scene. Damn!

~She’s thought bubble~
I would have given it a thought if he would have played Ishq Wala Love on guitar not on bass. Eww, bass players.

Well, you guys enjoy the cover.

John Mayer is a superb musician and I admire his songs. More to come from John Mayer, keep visiting.

Tarun Mazumdar

How Not To Propose a Girl Episode # 2

Stunner she
I with a stick of lily
but where is my tongue?

The mighty curse of you-will-chicken-out-in-front-of-a-stunner continued, only this time she was right in front of me unlike the previous episode (read the first episode, How Not to Propose a Girl).
I looked my best today. Perhaps, a 6 or 7 you can say, and she, a solid tenner. If you have read episode # 1 then you know how I fumbled with the script and all. So this time no script. The haiku poet in me decided to blow her mind with just 17 syllables. Yes, seventeen syllables are all what it takes to win the matters of heart.
This is what I said to her…

Umm… mmm… aaaa (cough, cough)
Aaaaa ummm umm
Hey, how are you? Aaa.

And that was it. I failed to ask her out, again!



She and The Yellow Window

She and The Yellow Window

She and The Yellow Window


The Wake & Bake Haiku Project is the first in my Travel Haiku Series and I am enjoying it a lot. It brings back fond memories of yesterday.
On my trip to Shimla, I visited Wake & Bake Café to enjoy the tasty food and drinks but I was awestruck by this girl sitting next to this yellow window. She was gazing out and writing something in her green notebook, she appeared thoughtless to me. Her face was serene and calm like Buddha. I don’t know if I will encounter her again but one thing I am sure that I will never forget the face.
This haiku is dedicated to that young girl.
Photo and Haiku: Tarun Mazumdar
Location: Wake & Bake Cafe, Shimla