10 Killer Ways to Chop the Writer’s Block

Let me be the woodcutter today as I wish to chop a mighty block that lay in front of me, popularly known as the writer’s block. Yes, it does look scary to many of us and, indeed, a massive obstacle if we are working on our next novel or an article, for that matter.

I am here to share ten killer ways to chop off the block and become a better writer or poet. It can be supremely frustrating to be not able to create or write what is in our mind, but with practice we can accomplish what we want i.e. to become a good writer.

1. Sharpen your axe: To chop off that mighty writer’s block, you must sharpen your axe and your axe is your skill to churn out articles or poems or blogs. Read good work, read not so good work, but read, read and read, and this way you become stronger and confident.

2. Become fearless: Initially, when I started to write poems, I received not so great reviews, but I knew someday I am going to touch the hearts of my readers and I did it. Be fearless about your writing, discover your style and hone it, every day. Uninhibitedly write what you feel and be absolutely confident about it.

3. Think lateral: Try and think lateral about the subject you want to write on. Writer’s block also compels a writer to craft something which he or she has never thought about. Many poems on my blog are a result of fighting writer’s block.

4. Take a stroll: Your pen is lazy today, no problem. Go out and take a stroll, a great way to destroy the block. Meet new people, meet your friends, and talk to them about what you are doing these days.

5. Be happy: Be positive about your skills and never let the brief obstacle affect you. Remember, even the best of writers hit the bump, but what makes them great is their determination to cross the hurdle.

6. Kill distractions: It is pivotal to kill the distractions when you are attempting to write a piece. Just you, your pen and paper or if you are using a word processor, and see the difference.

7. Music therapy: I have tried this and, believe me, it works. Choose the genre that suits you and hit the play button. Music relaxes your mind and you are in a better position to write what you really wish to.

8. Talk to children: They are adorable, and these days they are smarter. Their one-liners and answers can knock your socks off. They give amazing ideas on anything and everything. Talk to them and get inspired.

9. Make a plan: Have a plan, set targets and stick to them. Targets compel you to write when you don’t feel like. They create a situation of urgency which, I believe, is required.

10. Just grab a pen and write: My last tip, as soon as you finish reading this, start writing something, it can be anything.

As a matter of fact, I have written this piece to chop off the block that is in my head, and it worked. Happy writing!

What do you think about these ideas? 

Share with me your ways to get rid of writer’s block. Does writer’s block inspires you to write more and more?

This article by me was published on Ezine articles. You can read it here as well, http://ezinearticles.com/?Ten-Killer-Ways-to-Chop-the-Writers-Block&id=7378786