Spiked with wisdom
Words to ignite them, stir them
A mob with petrol bombs.

To riot victims. To victims of stupidity and hate.

Form: senryu



The four letter word
It has taken a million lives
Some in an instant
Some leisurely with sadistic pleasure
Still we harbor it
Feed it
At times take pride in it

Greed swamps our hearts
It is blackened after the death of compassion
Still we harbor it
Feed it

Just a fancy way to pump bullets
In flesh, in bones
To see the blood as it flows unremittingly

Reload the M16
Fire! Kill those fucktards
The barrel is hot and the ground is filled with empty bullet shells

Just an excuse to slaughter
A man’s young daughter
Not before raping her
Raping her innocence and dreams

Just a pompous ceremony
To steal the weak’s money
Cold, mutilated body is their currency
For the sake of land, for the sake of oil
They let their mothers boil

They are killing people to eradicate misery
This is their fight for freedom
Murdered innocence in cold blood
No regrets as they walk freely with frozen hearts

The naked display of mindless rage
As it is laid in front of me
My eyes, they are forced open to see
As he slaughters
Hate! Still we harbor it
Feed it

Prejudices rule our conscience
I am tired and confused
Oh this mindless abuse
This pain must be defused
We won’t harbor it
We won’t feed it

As I stand here alone looking for a hand
A hand I can hold
A million hands against this apathy
Hate must be murdered by love
Hate will not decide my fate
We will stand and change the state
No more! will we remain as bait
Condemn Hate
Slay Hate
Before it is too late.