I am Home

Diary of a Haiku Traveler – Fifth Entry

Seventh Month, First Day

Location: New Delhi, India

Temperature: 40 Degree Celsius. Home is always cool.

I felt so good when my bus crossed the borders of Delhi. The known faces and places went pass the bus and I knew I was home, to the place I love. Sadly, I am back only for a week before I head back to Bhatinda with dad.

A certain joy was right there in my dad’s eyes as he got down from the bus. The joy usually found in that of a little kid’s eyes when he comes back home. I admit I missed my city and no place on planet Earth can be like Delhi.

Bus passes the toll
I see the same roads and shops
dear home, my home

Metro trains and cars
preposterous auto wallahs
that’s my Delhi

Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Photograph by Tarun Mazumdar


Icicles hang from The Eaves – Haiku

sparkling icicles
hang from the eaves of my home
winter’s a jeweller.


Prompt: Icicles

Tsurara or icicles, this prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku challenged me today and it was fun dealing with it. Enjoy.