For the Love of Haiku

This post is dedicated to Rie Ona – my Japanese sensei, fellow musician (alto sax player – Ska Vengers, a Delhi based Jazz and Ska band) and a wonderful friend.

She enters in the class with flash cards and books while we chit-chat about our semester one results.

“Konnichiwa!” cheerfully she greeted the handful of students in the class.

“Konnichiwa Sensei!” we replied.

“Tarun san, why are you not on Facebook anymore?” sensei asks with deep concern in her voice.
“I am fed up with it. It upsets me.”
“What about your website?”
“You have not been updating it lately.”
“Yes, sensei…. Ahhmm… I am just upset.”
“But if you recreate your account, please add me as your friend.”

I was moved by her concern as these were the first things she asked me.
“Ima nanji desuka?”
“6ji desu” we replied in chorus and the class began.
Second semester’s first class was beautiful as sensei did a quick revision with us and advised us to work harder, if we are serious about learning Japanese.

During the break time, I kept on thinking about sensei’s words on my website and haiku. Hell ya, I missed writing haiku all this while. Creative block to blame or my arrogance? I don’t know.

When the class got over, sensei called me and we had a heart-to-heart dialogue. Her compassion touched my soul and the way she guided me was just what I needed.
“Tarun san, I know you are upset but by deleting your account and not writing, you are making it worse for yourself.”
“Moreover, there are people who want to read your poems and they come back but see no activity which is so disheartening.”
“Come back for people who love to read your haiku and want to be in touch with you.”

I will continue to create haiku for my beloved readers who supported me all this while.

Haiku my love, I am back.

Photograph and Haiku by Tarun Mazumdar

Photograph and Haiku by Tarun Mazumdar


My First Haiku in Japanese

はる の ゆうがた に そよかぜ

さくら の えだ が ゆれる

そして かのじょ は ひとり

Romaji version-

haru no yuugata ni soyokaze
sakura no eda ga yureru
soshite kanojo wa hitori

English version-

Evening spring breeze
the Sakura branches sway
and she is alone

I am delighted to share my first haiku in Japanese. I have been learning Japanese for three and a half months now. This is my first creation in a foreign language.

The haiku is not following the 5-7-5 syllable pattern in Japanese as it is tough to contain the thought in just 17 or less in this language. But with practice, I will compose an authentic 5-7-5 haiku in Japanese.

I want to thank Ona sensei, for she was so kind and, patiently, edited my work. Arigato gozaimasu sensei. I have asked her to be the Japanese editor of my Haiku tale book which I am working on.

Also, I dedicate this piece to family, friends and fellow haijins, namely Kristjaan, Wabi Sabi, Bjorn, Magical Mystical Teacher, Amy (Cookie) Oliver, Yerpirate, Green Speck, Gemma Wiseman, Leo, Pranita, Black & White Heart, JRB, KZ, Mark, Siggiofmaine and more. Thank you so much for reading my work.

Unshaken Thoughts exists because of you guys.

Remain Unshaken. Never Waver.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Breakfast. A Tasty One.

Breakfast. A Tasty One.

A skinny structure consisting of bones and miniscule amount of flesh,me, needs a hearty breakfast. Thanks to Narayan Tea Stall – best breakfast in Delhi. The burger, chocolate shake and Narayan Special egg breads prepare the skinny boy for the battle of the day. P.s. He becomes Wolverine.

Work and Batman and Angry Maushi

Work and Batman and Angry Maushi

My workstation and yes I am still in my Christmas pajamas (if you happen to notice the tiny Christmas tree). I am a writer and poet, so this is where all the magic happens. Crime Master Gogo, Batman and Angry Maushi are my colleagues at work, they are fun to work with (clue: coasters).

Haiku My Love

Haiku My Love

Haiku my love. My eternal love. After completing a couple of articles and gossiping with Angry Maushi, I compose a haiku. So what you are looking at is my Black Book of Haiku.

Hiragana and Musashi. Japan. Love.

Hiragana and Musashi. Japan. Love.

I am learning Japanese and I have a test today. So the Black Book of Haiku is also my Hiragana practice book. Oh yes I love Musashi. My son will be named after him and my daughter will be called Otsu.

Hiragana Test

Hiragana Test

Ona sensei is happy today and so am I. The picture says it all. Nailed Hiragana. Hell yeah!

Me and my little sister Shikha

My little sister Shikha and I

Time for some fun. My little sister Shikha and I plan to eat out today and have a gala time.

Punjabi Dinner. Balle Balle. Shava Shava.

Punjabi Dinner. Balle Balle. Shava Shava.

Supper time. This is an authentic Punjabi dish or I should say platter consisting of Tandoori roti, Dal Makhni, Shahi Paneer, Pindi Choley and pudina chutney with onions (steeped in vinegar, thus the color).

P.s.: Balle Balle. Shava Shava. is the Punjabi war cry. No wait, I guess it is Chak De. Whatever.

Wolverine? Ok.

Wolverine? Ok.

Oh Wolverine! Ok he is not. Big fan though. Yes.