A Romantic Haiku Traveller

That’s me today…

This afternoon I
stare at the sky- so does she
the girl next door

みなさん こんにちは! ジョン•メイヤーの Your Body is a Wonderland はいけい がします。そして、うつくしい そら。私はきょうはロマンチックです。雨をおたのしみ ください。

Konnichiwa mina san!
With John Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland in the background and the beautiful sky, I feel romantic today. Enjoy the rains!


How Not To Propose A Girl Episode # 3

Gorgeous She
I with a CD
My trump card!

I don’t give up so easily, especially when we are talking about love affairs or the mere pursuit, in my case (relentless pursuits).
In the last episode as I donned the attire of a fancy haiku artist and displayed my remarkable skills as a haikuist, I only got ‘aaahh’ and ‘mmmm’ (do not confuse these to the sounds we hear behind closed doors). Read episode # 2 and you will know.
So this time I decided to unleash my powers. I decided to do a ‘cover song’. A song that will blow her mind, well that was my thought.


She: Hey Tarun, what’s up dude? What now?
Tarun: Hey She, I am great. How about you?
(She stares back and I could make out the she is not a person who admires welcome pleasantries)
She: Cut the chase man!
Tarun: I got this for you.
(I hand over the neatly wrapped CD case with no heart shaped confetti in it)
She: Ah! What is this?
Tarun: It is a CD.
She: I can see that.
Tarun: I covered a song for you.
She: Wow, let me listen.
She: eh! Bloody, you will play Your Body is a Wonderland! You shameless creature from planet ZunZuba.
Tarun: Eeeeeee. Sorry.
I had no choice but to run away from the scene. Damn!

~She’s thought bubble~
I would have given it a thought if he would have played Ishq Wala Love on guitar not on bass. Eww, bass players.

Well, you guys enjoy the cover.

John Mayer is a superb musician and I admire his songs. More to come from John Mayer, keep visiting.

Tarun Mazumdar