Rewind the Audio Cassette – Remembering The 90s

Chirping house sparrows
as I rewind the last song
cassettes of 90s

Today I was sitting and listening to old records, the same records that I used to listen when I was a teenager. I spent the entire day listening to Ronan Keating’s numbers like Lovin’ Each Day, Life is a Rollercoaster, All Over Again and more. I also missed the concept of rewinding the cassettes in my walkman, we don’t do that anymore. Isn’t it?

Music has been the only thing constant in my life. People (friends) come and go but music has always been by my side and will always be.

To the eternal love of my life. Music.


Diary of a Haiku Traveler – Fourth Entry

Sixth Month, Twenty-Ninth Day

Temperature- 42 Degree Celsius. Extremely humid.

Location: Bhatinda, Punjab, India

Clouds and rain seems to have deserted Bhatinda as temperature soared with each passing day. I saw my dad in pain today. He has been unable to eat due to the extremely hot conditions here in Bhatinda. The frequent power cuts worsened the conditions. He is 56 years old and I know how difficult it is for him to live in such extreme conditions. I hate the government’s policy of transfers. They would have been a little considerate and taken the age factor into consideration.

I saw my father changing sides as he tried to sleep. How painful is this! I want to earn loads and loads of money so that my father can retire early and live with us. I must study and master my Japanese language skills. Moreover, I must improve my writing. My desire to become a better son is driving me to do new things. I must struggle hard, come what may.

I composed this while I was helping dad take a nap in the afternoon.

My hand fans swiftly
fails to match the ceiling fan
father takes a nap