The Kabaadi Wallah

Kabaadi wallah
cycling priceless repertoire
Aladdin’s chirag?


I love the scrap dealers or Kabaadi wallahs doing rounds of our colony. Their shouts reverberate and the house wives come out with old newspapers and other plastic and iron stuff. Many kabaadi wallahs exchange old clothes with tea cups and utensils.
I have faint memories of mum bargaining with the kabaadi walli aunties who used to take our old clothes and give us tea cup (rather substandard in terms of quality but with cool prints on them).

Thank you J for the collaboration. J and I are also working on a project and we will share the details very soon. Stick around.

Much Love,

Tarun Mazumdar


Streets of Karol Bagh

Streets of Karol Bagh
humming like band in concert
blingy aunties walk

This afternoon a friend of mine and I decided to play the Haiku Game. It turned out to be one fun activity.
The haiku collaboration will feature J and me in the future as well. Stick around.
Ah! I do not have a picture of the Karol Bagh Street. Damn. I promise I will click some photographs soon and upload with candid haiku.

Arora Ji’s New Car – Haiku for Samidare (Midsummer Rain)

Clouds of June gather
morning wind sways the tree
jamun leaves fall

jamun leaves fall
on Arora ji’s new car
she swears in Punjabi

A beautiful jamun tree stands tall in front of my balcony. Jamun is an evergreen tropical tree native to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and some other South Asian countries.

I live in a colony called Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, India which is one of the poshest colonies in Delhi-NCR. We have people from different countries living here, from Iraqis to Americans to Afghanis and of course Indians. Amongst Indians, we have Punjabis (Punjab is a state in India) and Arora, as mentioned in my haiku set, is a surname. Ji is a polite suffix used in Hindi.
Punjabi is a language spoken widely in North India especially in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana and parts of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape to Agra

I fancy railway stations, trains, platforms and everything attached to locomotives. Fond memories of childhood days, when my brother and I used to wait for vacations are still fresh. We used to quarrel for the window seat and mum had to intervene with creative solutions.

Today, I relived those memories of the roaring engine, smiling faces on the platform, little kids running and asking for refreshments, families relaxing on the floor, (in India we don’t have enough space in the waiting room, so we make arrangements). Oh how can I forget the venders yelling Chai, Chai  (tea, tea); they have this amazing voice that has become a distinctive characteristic of Indian Railways.

Today, I had this urge to escape from the modern lifestyle that Delhi offers, I felt choked and the best way to release and break free was to head to a new city, and here I am in Agra.

More candid pictures of Agra in my next post.