Kyoshi Takahama’s ‘A Gold Bug’ – Haiku

Today at Carpe Diem Haiku, Kristjaan published Takahama’s ‘A Gold Bug’

くがね むし
なげうつ やみ の
ふかさ かな

Romaji Version-

kogane-mushi nageutsu yami no fukasa kana

English Version-

a gold bug –
I hurl into the darkness
and feeling the depth of night

After reading Takahama’s haiku, I was reminded of my ancestral home in Agra where I spent my childhood. Agra is a modern city but the parts I lived in was near the Air Force Station and due to some odd reason, we were not provided the luxury of electricity. But it was a delight to live without electricity, we had lanterns, candles, diyas (clay pot candles) and fireflies. As a poet and writer, I can say I had a lovely childhood with no electricity and a home that looked ancient. Of course, places like these gave birth to Haiku tales that I am proud of and one of them is here.

My take on Takahama’s ‘A Gold Bug’-

Last candle flickers
as my room turns black
fireflies glow


Stories from the Attic

Summer Moon glows
as I sit, while it stares
ghost of my lost tales.

I have written short stories that are craving and shouting for an ending; but my heart and soul is unable to give them one. These incomplete tales often come and haunt me. Am I a failed storyteller? Will they ever be complete?