Carpe Diem “Make the Haiku Complete” #4, “rising up to heaven?”

is it not the scent of plum-blossoms
rising up to heaven?

The moony moon
is it not the scent of plum-blossoms
rising up to heaven?

At Carpe Diem Haiku, Kristjaan challenged us to write the first line of this lovely haiku written by one of the haiku masters.
Note: Kristjaan messaged me yesterday and told me that they all miss me at Carpe Diem Haiku. I must not disappear now. And I will try my best, Kristjaan.

Senryu for Kristjaan

A nurse named Kristjaan
with his kind words
revived a dead poet

Haiku Like Kikaku

Today at Carpe Diem, we, haijin, are celebrating Kikaku’s haiku. The piece is a mysterious one but somehow I had no troubles creating one for this which is in Kikaku’s style.

Kikaku’s haiku

such a beautiful face
the pheasant scratches it
with jagged spurs

My attempt to recreate the magic.

The beautiful wall
with shades of amber on it
a lizard slithers

Rewind the Audio Cassette – Remembering The 90s

Chirping house sparrows
as I rewind the last song
cassettes of 90s

Today I was sitting and listening to old records, the same records that I used to listen when I was a teenager. I spent the entire day listening to Ronan Keating’s numbers like Lovin’ Each Day, Life is a Rollercoaster, All Over Again and more. I also missed the concept of rewinding the cassettes in my walkman, we don’t do that anymore. Isn’t it?

Music has been the only thing constant in my life. People (friends) come and go but music has always been by my side and will always be.

To the eternal love of my life. Music.