The Maynard in Me – A Tribute

Maynard’s projects Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer have been the greatest influence on my writing as a haiku poet. I truly admire Maynard’s menacing style and how he grips the listener with those perfect words.

I am hooked to A Perfect Circle’s Pet from the Thirteenth Step album, everything about the song is outlandish and I am nobody to even decipher the lyrics that Maynard has written.

The senryu set is my tribute to the song as I tried to write in his style in Pet. Go, listen to Pet now!

Her big eyes stare
at the windows and door
they will come soon

~ ~ ~

He pats her forehead
sings lullabies of fairies
cuffs on her ankle

~ ~ ~

He protects her from-
they who are coming, coming
some say bogeyman


The Last Haiku for September and more

Free Haiku

The wanting exists

you are happiest with her

my feelings must die.


Battlefield Haiku

Every day without you

is like fighting a battle

my heart yearns for you.


Agile Haiku

He comes with his tool

and his fingers run like spider

as he nails it.

To Alex Webster for being so awesome.


Waltz Haiku


she starts her session

and I gape.


Sleep Haiku

His lifeless body

rests calmly near the road

we watch and walk off.

To us who want tragedy from a safe distance and enjoy.


Paradox Haiku

Blossoming friendship

enter chaos, confusion

can someone save it?


Hummingbird Haiku

Tiny you start to fly

the nectar invites you

O! my hummingbird.


Birth Haiku

Half dead I drag myself

the much needed hot brew

I am born again.


September was a month I can’t forget, so much has happened in life, but one thing that stayed with me was haiku. I tried to write everyday, sometimes missed the prompts but in the end I am so happy that I composed on all the prompts. I met some really cool haiku poets at Haiku Heights. April, O! April please come soon.